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Ethical Trading (ETI Code)



J & R Emery is committed to ensuring workers within its supply chains are treated fairly and equally, without fear of harassment or exploitation. We achieve this by committing to the ETI base code (UK).

These requirements are summarised with the following clauses and must be implemented into your business :-

· Employment is freely chosen.

· Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.

· Working conditions are safe and hygienic.

· Child labour shall not be used.

· Living wages are paid.

· Working hours are not excessive.

· No discrimination is practised.

· Regular employment is provided.

· No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

More details on this code can be obtained from the ETI website (www.ethicaltrade.org) or BSCI (www.bsciintl.org/content/bsci-code-conduct)


The ETI Base code can be found at https://www.ethicaltrade.org/eti-base-code


https://www.ethicaltrade.org/resources/eti-base-code-poster - English versions


https://www.ethicaltrade.org/resources/eti-base-code - All other languages

Office Contact details

R & J Emery

Riverside Farm

Tutts Lane

West Wellow


SO51 6DW


Tel: 01794324348

Farm Fresh PO Ltd 

R & J Emery are founding members of the Farm Fresh PO Ltd. 


For sales please contact:

Scott Woolford - Business Development Manager


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