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For 2019 we are in the process of changing some of our fields to table top Strawberries and cane fruit. We grow strawberries with the use of polytunnels and we expect to produce approximately 1,200 tonnes of SweetEve2 strawberries in 2019. 



Our Diamond Jubilee and Sapphire raspberries are grown under polytunnels and in glasshouses. In 2019 we expect to grow 250 tonnes of raspberries. 



We expect 250 tonnes of tunnel grown Loch Ness and TP04 blackberries during 2019. 

Office Contact details

R & J Emery

Riverside Farm

Tutts Lane

West Wellow


SO51 6DW


Tel: 01794324348

Farm Fresh PO Ltd 

R & J Emery are founding members of the Farm Fresh PO Ltd. 


For sales please contact:

Scott Woolford - Business Development Manager


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