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Our Team

R & V Emery consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you. 

Richard Emery





James Emery




Maggie Thorne

Packhouse Manager




Maggie has been working for R & J Emery for 33 years and was therefore with us for the transition from salad crop to soft fruit. 

Graham Haynes

Crop Manager




Graham has been working with R & V Emery for 23 years. With 10 years previous experience in growing salad crops he joined us to venture into growing soft fruit. Graham is B.A.S.I.S AND F.A.C.T.S qualified. 

Robert Meehan

Crop Protection and Systems Manager


Rob officially joined the R & J Emery team in January 2018, but many of you will have seen him around previously. Rob brings with him a wide experience of agricultural systems.

Piotr Bielecki

Farm Systems Team Leader


Piotr has been working for R & J Emery since arriving as a harvest picker in 2003. Since then he has gained experience in agriculture to become our Farm systems team leader. 

Marian Marculescu

Glasshouse Site Manager - Batchmere


Marian joined us as a seasonal harvest worker, after which he progressed to Packhouse QC before training to become our Batchmere's Glasshouse Manager specialising in our raspberry crops. 

Steve Fauchon 

Glasshouse Manager


Steve has been working with R & J Emery since 2004. Steve joined us with 18 years previous experience as a spray operator and glasshouse maintance manager. 

Maria Garcias

Production Manager




Maria has been working for R & J Emery since 2002. With previous supervision experience she joined us as a Team Leader and progressed to a full time Production Manager.

Dorota Falkowska

Production Manager


Dorota has been working for R & J Emery since 2006. First joining us as a seasonal fruit picker for two summers before moving here full time in 2008 Dorota worked her way up to Senior Field Supervisor before joining Maria as a Production manager in 2013. 

Rebecca Emery

Health, Safety and Staff Welfare




Rebecca Emery has been working with R & J Emery since 2009.  Rebecca is qualified to national certificate level in Health and Safety.


Anne Emery





Anne takes care of our main office reception and accounts.


Natasa Isajeva

Staff Welfare


Natasa joined R & J Emery in 1998 as a seasonal harvest employee before becoming a Team Leader in 2000. Since then Natasa progressed to Packhouse QC before becoming our Staff Welfare Officer.  


With a wide language ability Natasa carries out all our in-house training inductions to ensure the safety of all our employees, as well as continuing to care for them throughout their employment with us. 


Office Contact details

R & J Emery

Riverside Farm

Tutts Lane

West Wellow


SO51 6DW


Tel: 01794324348

Farm Fresh PO Ltd 

R & J Emery are founding members of the Farm Fresh PO Ltd. 


For sales please contact:

Scott Woolford - Business Development Manager


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