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COVID19 - Visitors and Deliveries

R&J Emery have implemented the following rules within their policy and politely ask that visitors and delivery drivers adhere to them at all times. 




1. No visitors will be allowed access to the sites unless pre-arranged and pre authorised. 


2. No visitors are allowed access to the accommodation facilities at any time unless agreed with Rebecca Emery. 


3. Visitors must recieve instruction on where to meet the member of staff they are visiting; they must not go to the main office unless authorised to do so.


4. Visitors will be asked to complete some health questionnaires and have their temperature taken on arrival. Visitors are encouraged to take part in lateral flow testing prior to visits. 


5. Visitors must remain 2m (or 1m plus mitigation) apart from employees at all times. 


6. Visitors must wear a face covering when visiting the packhouse and in enclosed areas where social distancing of 2m is not guareented to be possible. 




1. Delivery drivers are asked to please leave parcels outside of the main office, you can make your delivery known by knocking the front door and someone will come out to assist you if required. 


2. If you require a forklift driver to assist in offloading your delivery then please knock the office door and a forklift driver will be arranged for you. Please remain in your vehicle and/or remain 2m away from employees at all times. 


Thank you for your co-operation. 



Office Contact details

R & J Emery

Riverside Farm

Tutts Lane

West Wellow


SO51 6DW


Tel: 01794324348

Farm Fresh PO Ltd 

R & J Emery are founding members of the Farm Fresh PO Ltd. 


For sales please contact:

Scott Woolford - Business Development Manager


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