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In light of recent government advice on COVID19 we will be taking the following additional measures:


1) all staff are asked to limit social contact. This means avoiding going into town, pubs, cinemas and not travelling on public transport unnecessarily. Currently we believe we have a healthy workforce, let's keep it that way. 


2) all small deliveries are to be left inside the gate at Riverside yard. Delivery drivers are asked not to come into the office. 


3) all large deliveries are asked to wait in the yard and telephone the office or management for offloading. Delivery drivers are asked not to come into the office. 


4) we will not be allowing any non essential visitors on site. Any visitor who arrives without prior agreement will be asked to leave. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 


Rebecca, James and Richard Emery 

Office Contact details

R & J Emery

Riverside Farm

Tutts Lane

West Wellow


SO51 6DW


Tel: 01794324348

Farm Fresh PO Ltd 

R & J Emery are founding members of the Farm Fresh PO Ltd. 


For sales please contact:

Scott Woolford - Business Development Manager


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